There are podcasts on a wide range of subjects. Even many of the most obscure hobbies now have podcasts devoted to them. People can certainly find numerous podcasts related to mental health and wellness, including addiction recovery.

Individuals who are trying to alter some of their specific behavioral and mental patterns need to have newer and healthier patterns enforced and reinforced. Listening to relevant podcasts can help.

Patients who are struggling with various issues also frequently find it useful to hear from other people who are going through the same thing. People will not want to feel that they are alone. Having more social support of any kind can be helpful to almost anyone who is in a difficult situation in life, even for people who are not extroverts.

Some drug addiction patients struggle with social anxiety and related problems, which might cause them issues when they are trying to seek help. While listening to podcasts will not act as a substitute for social interaction, it at least gives individuals the chance to hear from other people in a less threatening way. They also will not have to drive anywhere or spend any money.

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Types of Recovery Podcasts

Some of these shows feature recovering addicts that will discuss their own experiences. Other shows are run by doctors and other medical professionals. Some podcasts are about specific addictions, while others cover the very subject of addiction itself. Podcasts tend to have a varied format, since it is difficult to make weekly episodes about a narrow subject. However, there are still shows that are more specialized than others.

Listeners might have to try a few different podcasts in order to find one that they like. A certain show might be good, but something about it just will not click for them. However, even the act of looking for new mental health podcasts might be helpful for some people. They will see that there is a huge community involved with addiction support and recovery.

Recommended Recovery Podcasts

There are dozens of recovery podcasts now, but some of them get mentioned online more commonly than others:

The Beyond Addiction Show

Podcasts that feature experts are important, and this show qualifies. The host is Dr. Josh King, who specializes in the study of addictive behavioral patterns and addiction. However, listeners will not just be hearing the opinion of one expert when they try these podcasts. There are different guest experts on the show all the time, giving the podcast the sort of expansive focus that will make it accessible to more individuals.

Positive Sobriety Podcast

The people who are struggling with addictions may want a podcast with a very broad focus, and this show may be an ideal choice for them. This is a show that discusses addiction in general. Some of the addicts that participate in this podcast have dealt with gambling addictions as well as drug addictions. Plenty of drug addiction patients have addictive tendencies that can present themselves in different ways, making a podcast like this very helpful for numerous patients.

Recovery Elevator

Alcohol addiction problems have some unique characteristics. Alcohol is a legal drug. While alcoholics often feel shame, many individuals drink large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis without even realizing that they have a problem. Some of the behavioral patterns associated with alcoholism have been harmfully normalized, making it challenging for some alcoholics to get the help that they need.

Alcohol use disorder may go unrecognized, and alcoholism is much more widespread than people think. The Recovery Elevator podcast was created by people who are well aware of this cultural climate and who want to understand it, while helping the people who are caught up in these complicated trends.

Recovery Unscripted

When people listen to this podcast, they will hear from a highly varied group of individuals. Even people who were once involved in the drug trade have spoken on this show. Medical professionals and other people with a great deal of pertinent experience also contribute to this podcast. Patients may learn a lot from this show. After listening to it for a while, they might feel like they have a new perspective on their addiction problems and the variables that contributed to them.

The Convenient Nature of Podcasts

People can listen to podcasts while exercising, cleaning, and performing plenty of other activities. It is comparatively easy to listen to numerous podcasts over the course of every month. Patients can set aside time to just listen to these podcasts, but they can also work them into their lives in other ways. The format can be very helpful for the patients who struggle with managing their stress levels and time.

The recovery process can be time-consuming. Convenience matters, as does reliability. Many podcasts have new episodes weekly, giving patients something that they can count on, and a new source of support.

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