COVID-19/Coronavirus and Addiction Recovery Treatment

Cardinal Recovery is committed to being a source of solace and healing during the COVID-19 pandemic. While most of the nation is in lockdown, our treatment facility is open and our staff is steadfast in providing drug and alcohol recovery with safety and prevention at the forefront of all patient care. As we work hard to protect our current patients and future patients, we strictly adhere to the recommendations set forth by the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Prior to admitting any patient into our addiction recovery treatment program, we administer COVID-19 testing with safety screening on-site using safety protocols and on site testing. In doing so, Cardinal Recovery is ensuring that our patients and our staff are properly protected. Our facility treats patients from all over the country and therefore must be proactive maintaining the highest set of health and safety standards

At Cardinal Recovery, we work diligently to take care of those suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction. In light of COVID-19, we have established the following protocols:

Patient and Staff Safety

Our PHP and IOP programs are dependent upon offering best-in-class care for our patients, this means setting safety and hygiene standards that keep everyone healthy. The medical staff is tasked with remaining up-to-date on all coronavirus best practices in order to maintain stringent safety protocols. This means that, per CDC guidelines, any staff member who shows virus symptoms or has had direct contact with COVID-19 must self-isolate for 14 days with no symptoms from the time of contact.


Admissions at Cardinal Recovery

Before entering into our addiction treatment program, Cardinal Recovery screens every single patient. In addition, we sit down with each patient and review critical items like symptoms of the virus, potential exposure, their travel history, and direct contact with any other persons diagnosed with COVID-19. If a patient screens positive, they will not be admitted to recovery treatment. If a patient screens negative, they will be eligible for admission to recovery treatment.

Facility Cleanliness

Cardinal Recovery has a rigid sanitizing and cleaning policy in place at all times. However, we have further increased our deep cleaning procedures in order to properly attend to any potential concerns. On top of that, all of our patients and staff are instructed to practice proper hand hygiene as well as avoid any skin to skin contact.

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Therapy for COVID-19

The stress of COVID-19 has impacted everyone on some level. As such, the therapists at Cardinal Recovery have been trained on the effects of anxiety linked to COVID-19. Our patients have been able to benefit from the groups that we are running to work through these challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions for COVID-19

Cardinal Recovery has taken proactive measures to handle COVID-19 and its impact on our current and future patients. As we test staff and patients in our own lab, we have found the following information to be helpful.

Who is eligible for the COVID-19 test?
Any patients who wish to be admitted to Dignity Healing will receive a test. Current patients who are showing symptoms or feeling sick will also be given a test.

What is the testing process for COVID-19?
We collect a sample from the patient using a blood test similar to a diabetes test. Test results are produced within 15 minutes.

Will I receive my test results?
Yes, all test results are available to each patient and may be reviewed with someone from our medical staff.

Why does everyone get tested?
Testing all current patients, admitting patients, and staff is extremely important in order to keep our facility healthy and safe.

Can anyone else see my test results?
No, we follow strict HIPAA compliance guidelines and ensure that our testing is 100% confidential.

Am I responsible for paying?
No. Dignity Healing is absorbing the financial burden of the associated costs of testing COVID-19 to ensure the safety of our patient population and our entire staff.

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COVID-19’s Impact on Addiction

Drug and alcohol recovery facilities have remained open as a pledge to helping those struggling with substance abuse. The eruption of COVID-19 has caused many addicts, even those proudly in recovery, to go back to drugs or alcohol as they attempt to deal with the aftermath of social distancing, the unexpected loss of a job, and other big changes in their life. Additionally, this global pandemic has triggered many struggling to handle both mental health and emotional challenges that underlie their addiction. Consequently, COVID-19 has had a major effect on addicts across the globe.

Finding an Addiction Treatment Center During COVID-19

Cardinal Recovery is unwavering in our promise to serve those grappling with drug and alcohol addiction. If you or a loved one are ready to tackle addiction head on or have any questions about the addiction rehab process, we are here to help.